Saturday, 16 July 2011

Night time antics

It's been getting pretty noisy around these parts after dusk. Indeed, our sleep has been severely disrupted on most nights since we got back from our travels. No, we cant blame the French and their penchance for a good fête. The responsibility lies firmly at the door of these wee critters;
Meet the gli-gli, aka the edible dormouse. Cute? Maybe. But they sure know how to party. We shall be getting hold of some humane traps after the weekend and will see just how many we can get hold of. I suspect the family is quite large!


Lee said...

I had zero luck with traps when
I had loire here. I resorted to an air rifle and lamp...strictly illegal as they're protected apparently but it quickly did the warned they eat electrical cable, leather in fact just about everything - can be costly.

penny said...

Hmm, thanks for that! Yes, they are protected. If we can't catch them humanely we'll probably just put up with them until we move back to Pissou at the end of August. I could do with a good night's sleep though!