Monday, 19 December 2011


Since the race a week ago, the idea of doing any kind of physical exercise has left me cold. I guess the race took a lot out of me, not so much physically as mentally. My physical symptoms had all but disappeared by Wednesday but despite that, I have had no inclination whatsoever to put my running shoes back on. I have been quite content to just chill out, potter around and enjoy un-taxing walks with the dog. It is easy to over-analyse such things.... had I set myself targets/expectations that were too high, only to be disappointed by the end result (I really wanted to attain 2h20 and be higher up in my age-group)? Had I actually pushed myself harder than I appreciated resulting in general physical fatigue that required some decent time out? Was the end result in actual fact a very creditable result that I should have been more than happy with? I think the answer to all 3 questions is a resounding 'yes'! So I shall stop worrying about my uncharacteristic lethargy which does thankfully now show signs of waining as I am actually contemplating a bit of a run tomorrow! It will be 'down the road', probably around Saint-Girons, as we have had a smattering of snow here over the past 2 days which has rendered under foot conditions somewhat minging! It is quite pretty though ....

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