Wednesday, 21 November 2012

A smile on my face

We have just had another spell of glorious weather so, with the leg making great progress and having been effectively cooped up for nearly 3 weeks, I was determined to get out for something resembling a decent walk. So yesterday, we drove the 35 minutes up to the Col de Menté and then took the steady track rather than the steep path up to the Cabane d'Escalette
...which has amazing views towards the Mourtis ski station opposite and Mont Valier behind it
We had a bite to eat for lunch by the cabane and were joined by several vultures which circled overhead, picking up the thermals on this warm, sunny day.... an impressive sight! The leg was feeling good so I thought I would have a bash at climbing the steeper path that leads from the cabane up to the Estives d'Escalette. I was very conscious of my leg and had to make sure I didn't do anything to tear the wounds open again as they are just starting to knit together. I was pleased we made the effort as we saw some fantastic sights including a flock of about 100 alpine choughs  playing amongst the rocky outcrops - I just love the chattering/squealing noise that they make! I wish I could have captured them on video. But more excitingly we spotted a lammergeier/bearded vulture with its distinctive spoon-shaped tail! Fantastic!
From the top of the climb we had the Pic de Cagire in our sights...
... but that would be for another day. It had been an amazing afternoon out in fantastic weather and in a stunning environment with some great bird sightings, but it was quite enough for my first proper venture out in 3 weeks. Andy's hand and shoulder provided welcome support as we descended the slippery path and soon we were back at the car, both with big smiles on our faces. More please!

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