Sunday, 30 December 2012

Where did that go?!

Crikey, Christmas has been and gone already. Mum spent Christmas week with us and we had a really lovely, relaxing time. The weather, unlike in the UK, was dry apart from a couple of overnight spells of rain and temperatures even reached the low 20s on the Sunday before Christmas. I don't think mum was expecting to be relaxing in a sun lounger, reading a book in the sun on the 23rd December!

Mum is a keen photographer and bird spotter which made 'entertaining' her a very simple task. On our daily walks with the pooch, the kites, kestrels, buzzards and herons provided moments of wonder and delight. The peace and beauty of this area captivated her and she can't wait to come back in the Spring to take photos of the flowers up in the mountains - it will be a special time.

While she was here, we visited the cathedral at Saint Bertrand de Comminges at the head of the Barousse Valley which is a place that we have often passed but never explored. It was just beautiful

This little fella made me smile ..... grrrrrrrrrrr!
I have had fun playing with me new camera over the past week or so and I think it has captured some lovely shots

We spotted the first violet of the Spring time today, which was a beautiful surprise!
On the exercise front, I took the step of reacquainting myself with my road bike yesterday, getting in a slow and steady 70km ride up to Saint Girons and back, under wonderful clear blue skies but with a chill in the air. It was my first ride on the road bike since the middle of August and it certainly felt like it. My shoulders, back and legs all protested at this sudden change in activity and my lack of power and strength was very noticeable. But I am hoping that this is just the start of more regular roadie riding. Time to get bike fit again!

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