Sunday, 6 January 2013

Cloud inversion and climate

Looking out of the window when I got up this morning, I noticed a cloud inversion in the little valleys and dips that surround us. Fortunately we are on a nice little high point here, so cold air rarely descends to us and we are largely spared the cold, dank envelope that plagues the lower lands. But for our little morning mooch with the pooch we chose to venture into the clag and very atmospheric it was too;

We were however relieved to return to the full-on sunshine and its accompanying warmth that greeted us when we arrived home just a mile away! As the day progressed, I could see that the inversion was refusing to dissipate in the distance. I can not imagine how miserable it must be living in a location that is affected by this not uncommon Winter weather phenomenon. How depressing. Do people venture out of their homes when these conditions prevail? Are they aware that just a very short distance away they could be experiencing warm, nourishing sunshine? 

As dusk approached, the cold air mass started to ascend and it looked like we would be enveloped by it ....
... but fortunately it is now dark and we are tucked up cosy and warm indoors :-)

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