Wednesday, 16 July 2008

Le Tour

The Tour de France was on our doorstep today, stage 11, Lannemezan to Foix via the Col de Portel. Pat, Kev, Andy and I walked across country from the back of their house up to the Col de Portel from where we had a vantage point just above the summit banner. Our picnic included the obligatory 'coup de vin' which, along with the strengthening sun, was enough to send Kev a) giddy and then b) comotose....
The spread out 'caravane' passed through and we managed to grab a few hats/haribou/misc other tat and then a hush started to fall as we heard the hum of the helicopters which were following the riders. Word was out that a lone Frenchman had made a break. It was Moinard of Cofidis. Sure enough he came over the line... ..2 mins ahead of the chasing pack of 13 who were in turn 15 mins ahead of the main peloton which eventually 'trundled' over the line!
So that was fun! Time to head home! Our path home was picturesque, with the Col de Port in one direction...and Massat in the other...It's not a bad part of the world really, is it ;-)

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