Monday, 12 January 2009


Pat and Kev have not been to the Ascou Pailheres ski resort before. It had been the starting point for our ski tour up towards Pic de Tarbesou a week ago and I was keen to revisit the resort and have a play on what seemed to be some rather interesting and steep runs. However, we could probably have chosen a better day on which to visit. A couple of the lifts were not operating today which ruled out three of the pisted runs that I was keen to play on. However, this was reflected in the price and there were still some good runs to go at and, after all, the resort is in a spectacular and beautiful setting and the weather was perfect.
The lower runs were very icy and hence challenging, so I was quite pleased not to end up in a crumpled heap in the course of the afternoon, although I did have a couple of close calls! The top runs were however an absolute pleasure and gave me the opportunity to really work on my turns and technique. By the end of the afternoon, Pat commented on how much 'neater' and 'tidier' I was skiing which gave me a real boost :-) So another successful outing!

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