Saturday, 21 August 2010


It's been my target for a while. I think 83/84km is the furthest I have ridden to date on the roadie. But in hindsight, a day on which the temperatures down on the plain were into the high 30s was maybe not the best day to up the mileage.

I made up a circuit which started in Dalou near Foix and which took in Mirepoix and the Lac de Montbel and which covered the distance but without too much ascent. The route we took is on the usual site. At the 45km mark, Andy and I stopped for lunch in Mirepoix .... which was nice, although we were perspiring in a most unfashionable way due to the silly heat from which we simply could not escape, even in the shade. From there, more lovely riding with views towards the hills and then down towards the Lac de Montbel. I say 'lovely riding' but it was like a furnace, with no escape from the intense heat of the sun. By the 80km mark, despite having consumed four large bidons of liquid which contained a mixture of sports fuel and Nuun rehydration salts, the heat started taking its toll. Everything started hurting and, despite fuelling OK, my muscles started to not respond to my requests. It got to a point where I suggested Andy rode on the final 12kms or so to fetch the car and I would plod on as best I could. I didn't like the way I was feeling and was craving the shade and just the slightest breeze to take the edge off the heat. I did however just make the 100km mark which I am pleased about.
In hindsight, I think my main error was to start the ride when I was already feeling dehydrated. Knowing what the temperatures would be today, I should have ensured I drank loads yesterday. Today, I was probably sweating out as much as I was taking in ... OK, slight exaggeration maybe, but either way, it was impossible for my body to take in and efficiently use what I was putting into it.... something I need to be very aware of next time we do a long ride in the heat.

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