Wednesday, 18 August 2010

Radio silence

Yes, I know, it has been over a week since my last post. But I do not apologise, as I have been spending valuable time with precious family in Dorset. Just to share the news, my 23 yr old son is off to the Haliburton Forest in Ontario, Canada on the 26th August for an outdoor education internship which will see him spending his winter amongst huskies and wolves whilst gaining valuable career experience working with groups in a totally unique and wonderful environment. We are all SO jealous of the opportunity that he has been given and are all wondering whether he will actually have any desire to return to the UK after his time there!

My laddy and I spent a lovely day on Brownsea Island off Poole Harbour on Sunday, mooching on the beach picking up shells, watching yachts and other craft in the estuary....... climbing the enormous, tangled branches of an impressive centuries-old oak tree
...avoiding the over-zealous attentions of random peacocks on the beach...
... all finished off with a lovely boat trip back through the islands to Poole Harbour
My trip also included a fair amount of blueberry picking for my brother. August is peak harvest time and the fruit is an absolute joy to pick.

It was wonderful to also spend time with mum and to have a belated birthday celebration for her while I was there. But yesterday, I returned home. Fortunately, the good weather returned with me - blue skies and warm sun have been the order of the day today which is just wonderful. But the best news is that Claudines's friends and their three dogs departed this morning, leaving us with some well overdue peace and quiet here at Pissou. Bliss!

Tomorrow, we are heading over to Belesta, not far from P&K for some VTT/mountain bike action and to visit a couple of houses that have winter let potential. We have somebody coming to view our house on Friday and another couple on Monday, so fingers crossed we actually get an offer!

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