Saturday, 14 May 2011

Looking good!

Work on Sadie has been pretty full on for Andy over the past week....but look at the progress. Bathroom door hung (white plastic-coated on the inside), trim framing done, handle nicely fitted and light switch affixed ... oh, and the gorgeous varnish job is all my own work ;-) ;
The major job over the past 2 days has been making the overhead storage boxes (minus the doors which is another pain-in-the-backside job, I am informed). The kitchen is almost completed... just some silicone sealing to do, some finishing-off to the two side panels
The overhead boxes to the rear are up, carpetted on the underside and looking neat (I should take a better photo really)
We've got 10 days before we are supposed to be heading back to the UK. We're waiting for a couple of electrical components to be delivered which is holding up the work on the unit that will house the electrical control panel and fridge, but hopefully we will receive them early in the coming week.

I seem to have sorted out my weary legs, thank goodness and enjoyed a good undulating run on Thursday which put me back on track. I was hoping to be down in Cucugnan for the Trail des donjons tomorrow but am probably going to stay local and do the Trail de Dalou instead which is 16km/600m+. It is currently raining so the going should be soft!

Yesterday, we had the pleasure of welcoming our first visitors to the house here in Fougax. It was lovely to see Paul again and also his girlfriend Susan who we had not met before. They were en route to the Corbières where they would be spending 2 weeks on a Workaway programme but had time to spend 24 hours here, during which we enjoyed a gentle bike ride yesterday. Apparently, seeing Paul and I riding alongside each other was quite a funny sight. I have no idea why!

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