Monday, 9 May 2011

Sadie update

We have a Plan. It is an optimistic one, but a Plan all the same. The Plan gives us 2 1/2 weeks to get Sadie into a fit state to be our home for a prolonged period on the road. We are intending to head back to the UK to see family & friends that we haven't seen for far too long. So we, or more accurately Andy, has been working like a mad man and progress is good;
- Bathroom - shower tray now permanently fixed in place & plumbing completed, curtain rail and shower curtain hung, door hung and exterior wall varnished. Inside of the door needs to be clad with plastic, silicone needs to be applied to the plastic sheeting joints to make the room watertight and finally a door handle affixed. Then it's done
- Electrics - the electrics control board and battery box are now in place and wired up. The solar panels are now charging the leisure batteries....
... he has made some classy brushed aluminium plates into which the light switches are seated and these are now wired up, in place and working in the van
... the vent for the fridge has been completed and the safe is now very securely fixed in its place (home for our laptops & valuables while we are out on the bikes!)
...the frame for the unit for that side of the van is now done with an opening for the fridge that will be installed and plenty of drawer/cupboard space and today we did the last big bit of carpetting which was to the sliding door and on the battery box wall has been completed. We have also cut out the ply sections for the overhead box bases and fronts which means Andy is now able start construction of the boxes themselves which will give us much needed storage space for prolonged trips away. Still a fair bit of work to do, but it's all coming along very nicely :-)

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