Saturday, 28 April 2012

Spring, where are you?!

The month of April has been dire, weatherwise. It has been generally grey, damp and unseasonally chilly, although the odd day of warmer weather and glimpse of sun has poked its way through just to tantalise us. But the fantastic thing about the area that we are in now is the abundance of 'all weather' possibilities for running and mountain biking in the form of a vast network of tracks and woodland trails that surround us. I had forgotten just how much fun my mountain bike is and can't wait to explore more of the marked circuits.
But the best thing about the move here is that the social life has taken a turn for the better. I have met up with an old school buddy, Lee, who I haven't seen for around 34 years and who got back in touch with me via Facebook. He introduced me to another couple who live locally and who are keen cyclists and runners. Andy I have been out on the road bikes a couple of times now with Suzanne and Steve and it is great to have company again. We have even been out for dinner!!!! Suzanne is also my new running buddy - yee haa! Good times.

On the house front, we finally completed the sale of our house above Massat last week which is a big relief. Our hunt for a new home in this area is ongoing. We have visited several potential properties, none of which have ticked all of the right boxes. I have been getting increasingly frustrated and disheartened. But it feels like our luck may, yes, just may be changing. Suffice to say we currently have offers in on two properties and will hear early next week whether we have been successful with one or the other! It is both a nervous and exciting time. Watch that space.

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