Tuesday, 1 May 2012

At last!

I was starting to despair. The process has been long and frustrating and I couldn't see an end to it. People speak of patience, but mine has been severely challenged over the past few months. But then, on Friday, I had a call from an agent that had shown us around a property a few weeks ago. He had been well-briefed on our criteria and on our budget. Madame, he said, a property has just come to me that I think fits your criteria, he said, do you want to take a look? Email me some photos, I said. Which he did. Wow, said I. We popped along the road from Aspet to view it the same afternoon, we put an offer in on Saturday, haggled a bit on price and had our final offer accepted yesterday! It is the property I had always hoped we would find but was despairing of ever finding it. In brief, it is a wonderful old farmhouse that has been well maintained, is perfectly habitable and with bags of character, has a mahoosive attached barn that is in excellent condition and with tons of conversion potential, has 5000m2 of land and, most importantly, is in the perfect situation. Just 5 minutes from Aspet and yet on the edge of a tiny hamlet with waymarked VTT/mountain biking from the door, paths and tracks that lead up to the Col de Larrieu and beyond and more road biking possibilities than you can shake a stick at! Oh, and it is so peaceful. I still can't believe it is within our budget. Here are some photos.

Watch this space for further developments!


gabriele gray said...

Congratulations! How wonderful to have it all come together so quickly, and to be what you wanted in all respects as well.

gabriele gray said...

Congratulations! How wonderful to have it all come together, and so quickly. Sounds like the agent (a quick sale) and the seller (ditto) also have something to celebrate as well.
Makes the place seem all the more auspicious. Looking forward to more photos, too.

penny said...

We are just very lucky to have had a proactive agent who realised that this one fitted all of our criteria. It didn't even make it onto the open market! Just hope the purchase goes through without a hitch now ;-)