Sunday, 1 November 2009

Before the weather breaks

The exceptionally warm and sunny weather that we have been enjoying recently is coming to an end. Today looks like it will be the final day of shorts and T-shirt, temperatures into the 20s weather and will be replaced overnight tonight with much wetter and colder weather. So it has been a frantic couple of days here at Pissou. Yesterday was spent logging an ash tree that was felled by Claudine's workers last year and which they left behind for some reason. She was happy for us to take it which is fantastic as it is prime seasoned wood and the perfect size for our woodburner. It was physical but very rewarding work and the ash is now safely stowed on the terrasse ready for winter use. However, my upper body is today telling me that I have worked muscles that haven't been used for a few months!

This morning, I headed down in the Foix direction for a VTT outing with Pat. The Varilhes no. 7 circuit was a fantastic and most enjoyable circuit (24kms and 300m of ascent), in perfect, dry and warm conditions. It was the most fun I have had on the bike for a while and made up for the disappointment of the difficult ride that Andy and I had the other day. The ride was followed this afternoon by a session mowing the grass around Pissou for the final time before the poor weather is upon us.

The coming week will no doubt be taken up with indoor work of various sorts. We won't be bored, that's for sure!

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