Saturday, 13 February 2010

Still brrrr

Although we have not had any more snow here at 826m since Thursday, the temperatures have remained well below freezing and ice is now the order of the day. To have attempted to drive down to Foix for the first aid course this morning would have been suicidal, so I have once again been confined to Pissou. However, I got out this afternoon for an 8km jolly jaunt from the house. I headed through the woodland opposite, round to Eycherboul, down to the road then along the river, up the steep climb back to the road then back down the road and home through the woodland. The skies remain grey and threatening but at least the snow is still crisp and freshThe section along the river was a proper winter wonderland with no tracks or trace of passage - beautiful.Taff and I were joined on our little outing by Chippy, next door's pooch, who point blank refused to go back home. She is the most ill-disciplined, disobedient dog that I know, so I had to just leave her to her own devices, knowing that she was not my responsibility should anything happen to her. As luck would have it, she fell into a fast-flowing section of the river and really struggled to get herself out, she jumped off a steep embankment onto the road and nearly broke her legs and she careered off through the woodland in pursuit of 2 big red deer on our way home. Having her along with us was certainly not a pleasure.

Cold temperatures are due to remain through until our departure on Monday morning.

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