Monday, 7 February 2011

Bloody brilliant!

Sometimes, just sometimes it all comes together. Today was one of those days. Warm, warm sun (a good 20 degrees - seriously!), a bike that finally feels set up perfectly, great roads, the most breathtaking scenery and legs that at last had some power in them. All ingredients for one of the best riding experiences that I have had for quite some time.

We rode from here in the Barousse Valley up to the Col de l'Ares and then the little Col de Buret before dropping down into Aspet where the short but fairly steep little hill saw me resort to the small ring for the first time on the ride. Thankfully, there was a café open where we were able to grab a quick lunch before heading along the wonderfully quiet roads of the 'Comminges', through lovely little villages to Barbazan and back to Bagiry, taking advantage of the fantastic well-maintained 'pistes cyclables' that have been created in this area to help cyclists avoid the busier roads - they are an absolute godsend and much appreciated.

The ride was not long, only 55kms but with 800m of ascent. Full stats on the usual site. Here is the ride profile My legs felt great and with more fuelling I could have carried on. What a cracking ride. I love this area. Another few days of sunny weather are forecast so more rides are planned. Hurrah!

Just a little aside, but today on the ride, Andy and I both had a 'moment' when we realised just how lucky we are to be able to live the life that we live in this stunning part of France. I am hoping that we never end up taking it for granted, for that would be a very sad day.


Markosy said...

Great! Well, after 2 years of abundante snow it seems that it's not the year for us lovers of snow to ski. Well, I always say that there is still Winter to come. Enjoy those wonderful rides you mention and greetings from Spain. Antonio

kervéguen said...

Great here innit!