Friday, 25 February 2011

Mmm, weather

But unfortunately not of the Good variety. Nope. It has been dire this week. We have had an unbelievable amount of rainfall which has swollen the streams and rivers and which has made any venture offroad a true mudfest. Oh Joy. Not. And unfortunately, it has been very mild with it. The freezing level was up at 2800m yesterday. The ski resorts in the area will not be happy. What an appalling season it has been for them this year.

So this week has been mainly about work. Mainly. But, I did venture out for a repeat of the 7km loop up the hill behind the house on Wednesday. But this time I reversed it, which was actually quite good fun and made much more of it runnable. But (yes, another but), I was literally running down a river and sliding down a muddy, clayey (is that a word?) hill on the final section. It was actually quite good fun! And, more to the point, I felt strong and was running well and thoroughly enjoyed the outing. Stats here.

Then today, I had a cracking 10.4km run with the pooch from Lavelanet to Pereille and around the hill on great tracks and quiet roads but with a couple of interesting sections of mud and water thrown in. Again, feeling good, feeling strong. Stats here, although you should ignore the HR section at the bottom which tells me my HR reached 196bpm just after I started out which is clearly a nonsense! I took the strap off very soon after! I now need to keep the momentum going and keep pushing on in preparation for the Trail des Citadelles at the end of March

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