Wednesday, 9 February 2011

What a week ....

... that was! Apart from the warm, sunny weather which always does the spirit good, we got out on 3 great rides on the roadies on lovely undulating country roads and 3 good walks/runs with the pooch including one up above the Col de Menthé with views towards the little Mourtis ski station which was looking decidedly bare. The warmer weather has taken its tollThe mountains of the Couserans were just beyond
On the way back this afternoon, we stopped off at Pissou to meet some potential buyers who seem very taken with the property. Everything feels right about them - they are a lovely down to earth couple that I 'clicked' with, looking for a holiday home and actually want neighbours who are on hand to keep an eye on the property in their absence, they don't want any land to maintain, have a lovely dog who is already best mates with Claudine's pooches and they seem very impressed with the quality of the renovation. So we are keeping fingers crossed that they end up making us an offer. Our search for a new home will then take on a new dimension. But the other good news is that we have been told that we can stay on here in Fougax as long as we like, as the house has been put on the market and, quite honestly, is unlikely to sell quickly. So, for us, the pressure is off for the time being. Watch this space for further developments!

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