Monday, 6 October 2008

Higher than before

It was a beautiful, clear, warm and sunny day today, so Pic Rouge de Bassiès was our target. It is easily accessible from Pissou, via the Col d'Agnès, and, from photos that I have seen of the route, much of it is runnable on grassy paths which very much appealed to me.

It took us just 1 hr to climb the 500m of ascent (over 3.5kms) from the parking at Coumebiere up to the first Col at 1944m from where we looked down onto the Etangs de Bassiès.Aulus les Bains was visible in the distance as was Mont Valier on the skyline.From there, it was a gradual ascent on good paths, although there was a sprinkling of wet snow on the ground from a few days ago which slowed our progress somewhat. Soon, our target came into view along with the impressive 'cirque' below.However, it soon became apparent that we would be sharing the rest of the ascent with a party of 3 others who did nothing to keep their voices down. The idea did not appeal. We got to around 2300m and decided to retrace our steps and make our way back to Coumebiere via the GR 10 and the Etang d'Alate in order to extend our outing. Taff agreed to pose on the way back and doesn't he look beautiful!We were entertained by some Griffon vultures on the way back who were circling on the thermals above the ridge.The autumn colours are really developing now with bracken and also the bilberries putting on a particularly good showWe enjoyed the rest of the route, although I imagine it could be pretty boggy in wetter conditions as it meandered past mini etangs and across marshy ground.The run back down from Port de Saleix to Coumebiere on good paths was a real joy and soon we were back at the car.

The sum total for the day was 14kms and over 1000m of ascent in 4 1/2 hrs (including butty breaks!). We reached 2300m which is 200m higher than our previous highpoint. It was good to get into the hills again and to do some good running in the still warm sun.

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