Sunday, 5 October 2008

Pommety pomme

Lovely day today, although overnight temperatures dipped to just 2 degrees - it won't be long before we see an early morning frost. The mission today was to collect the enormous, ripe apples from Claudine's tree down in the field with a view to getting more cider on the go. They are lovely, juicy, flavoursome apples which we hope will make a delicious cider. The initial intention was simply to collect them and store them in the barn until we are able to get some more barrels midweek for the fermentation. But the majority of the apples suffered damage as they fell to the ground, so we decided to press them straight away. The result is another 20 ltrs of very tasty juice which we have started off in a large stainless steel container. It will have to be transferred to the barrels later in the week once fermentation is underway.

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