Thursday, 23 October 2008

Roadie time

It was early August when I last had an outing on the roadie. So when Pat suggested I join them down on the relative 'flatlands' for an excursion on the backlanes, taking in a coffee and cake stop in Mirepoix, I couldn't refuse. The weather was perfect .... clear blue skies and sunshine, although the temperature struggled to reach 10 degrees C. Ideal cycling conditions.

It was lovely to cycle the quiet country backlanes, passing through oh so French little villages with people going about their daily business. It was lovely to be able to put the pedal down for a change and push harder on the gently undulating roads, rather then grinding up the Cols that are in our immediate area. And it was lovely to have a cake break in Mirepoix which is oh so much quieter now that the tourists have gone home! We covered 70kms, I was on the bike for 2 hrs 50 mins and felt like I had had a darned good workout. A good afternoon.

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