Thursday, 2 October 2008

'T' is for Tree

The large, old apple tree that stands behind our house belongs to our neighbour Claudine but after many years of neglect, it is time for it to be felled. It has grown too big for its location, the branches weigh on the electricity and telephone cables and the fallen apples are a magnet for wasps. Claudine agreed that it would have to go.Using a combination of delicate lopping work around the cables, strategic sawing with an arborist's saw and good old chainsaw activity, Andy brought down all but the main trunk before the weather closed in and we had to call a halt to proceedings.Tomorrow, if it is not too wet, we will bring down the main trunk and then sort through the branches, piling the unusable ones on the bonfire and stacking the rest for use on the woodburner in the spring. Already, our bedroom upstairs seems lighter and brighter and our view out to the back of the house is much improved.

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