Saturday, 8 November 2008

Le Tour du Roc de Peyre Caussil

Perfect weather this afternoon for this lovely little circular, runnable and well signposted route which heads along the 'route forestière' from the Peguere road and then up to the Roc de Peyre Caussil with lovely views of the Pic des Trois Seigneurs, the highpoint in the distance (Pissou is at the bottom of the photo, in the middle)before heading along to the Col de Portel, up to the high point of Cap des Campets (1504m) and then back down. However, our return along the 'route forestiere' was thwarted by the chasseurs whose dogs we could hear attempting to flush out sanglier and chevreuils (wild boar and deer) down in the woodland. The presence of chasseurs, guns at the ready, looking down in the direction of the forest track along which we had intended to run were enough to persuade us to return along the road via the Col de Peguere (disappointing though that was)! Next time, I will wear my fluorescent orange cap and gilet so that there is no possibility of being mistaken for game ;-)

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