Wednesday, 19 November 2008

Running in the clouds

Back at Pissou, we had torrential rain throughout the night last night and found ourselves in the clouds come morning. However, having spent a not inconsiderable amount of money on some of the best poor weather running gear on the market and being in need of some exercise I decided it would be nice to reverse the Tour du Roc de Peyre Caussil route that we did before I went away. The run along the route forestiere was fun albeit very wet underfoot but with no snow to speak of. However, on the climb up to Cap de Campets which faces north we were treated to soggy wet slushy snow which was none too pleasant and made for tough goingBy way of contrast, the run back down from the Roc de Peyre Caussil which faces South was completely clear of snow and provided both excellent running and also some beautiful, dramatic and colourful scenes as the cloud played against the hillside, with Massat appearing from time to time in the distanceOn the way back along the forest track we encountered a beautiful big roe deer buck which Taff was keen to pursue but, being the well-trained and obedient pooch that he is, he responded to my instruction to refrain! Another half a dozen does appeared further along the track, frozen to the spot, undecided as to what to do next. Sitting targets! But then they were off, careering down the hillside. A fine sight. There should be no shortage of venison in the butchers this winter.


Les suédois said...

And were "the best poor weather running gear on the market" (sounds expensive!) worth their price?

penny said...

Oh yes, very much so! I think of it as an investment ;-) With the right waterproof and windproof covering on both the top and the bottom, running in all weathers is possible. I am determined to stay fit this winter - I have no excuse now!