Friday, 14 November 2008


I drove up to the Peak District yesterday in very wet conditions. It was a tediously slow drive and I was relieved when I eventually arrived in Hathersage to stay with my mate Hilary. Today, the weather has improved and we made it out for a brief trot up on Stanage Edge in the cloud - it was very damp and muddy underfootbut every now and again the low cloud lifted to give a glimpse of the valley belowIt would have been nice to have a longer run, but still, it was good to be back on the edge again. A visit to the Peak is never complete without a run on the edges, regardless of the conditions!

This evening I have been into Sheffield to visit some more friends, Trudi and Julian - I haven't seen Julian since he was in the middle of a course of chemo back in May when he was looking a tad poorly. Despite now being one arm less, he is looking really well - it was just great to get caught up with them both and to hear how he has been successfully adapting his life to that of a one-armed person... inspirational stuff.

Off up to Leeds to take Jamie out for lunch tomorrow then down to Bishop Stortford before a morning flight home from Stansted


Les suédois said...

20 years ago I was in Leeds for one month, for an internship. I visited York, Scarborough and was in the Yorkshire dales. I really liked the area. Are you from there?

penny said...

Hi Anna. I lived in Sheffield for 20 years but grew up in the Lake District. Both Sheffield and Leeds have changed dramatically over the last 20 years - for the best, I think. But they are both so noisy and busy compared to Pissou!