Tuesday, 25 August 2009


Yesterday, we headed down to Pamiers to buy some new tiles for the hearth, some more ceiling lights for the ground floor and various other bits and pieces for the renovation. While we were down there, we took the opportunity to re-acquaint ourselves with our mountain bikes and hit the 21km no. 7 circuit from St Felix-de-Rieutord but in the opposite direction to when I did the route with Pat and Kev a couple of months ago. It was hot and there was a small section where we had to get off and push, but otherwise if was fantastic to be back on the bike which is working much better with it's new disc brake setup.

Today, it has been wet and stormy. So a day indoors. The woodburner was detached from the pipe and put to one side. Then the old tiles were levered up without too much effort (thanks to the previous owners for using the wrong tile adhesive!) and the 'subfloor' (hah!) likewise removed. No surprise to see that every cheap shortcut possible had been taken when they did the installation/laying of the base for the woodburner, including sections of chipboard which appeared to belong to an old cupboard or something and which were damp and stinking thanks to the lack of waterproof membrane underneath the floorBy the end of the afternoon, we were down to base level having removed all of the old debris, a black waterproof membrane laid and a frame created into which we will be pouring the new concrete subfloor on which the new tiles will lie level. A busy few days ahead!

We were in the thick of the cloud during the early evening and were subjected to a torrential downpour which eventually cleared shortly before sunset to give some fantastic colours and views

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