Saturday, 15 August 2009

This and that

It has been hotting up over the past few days here at Pissou with temperatures in the shade reaching 35 degrees here today, climbing to the mid 40s in the sun! All true to forecast, I should add. Which is why we have spent the past couple of days doing bits and bobs of manual work such as weeding in and around the potager, sorting out the two composting bins, mowing and transferring now seasoned wood from the front terrasse to the pig poke/wood store in anticipation of colder conditions in the months ahead (it may seem bizarre to be considering such things in the height of summer, but it cannot be too soon in these parts).

Today, we headed down to Saint Girons market for various bits and bobs and finally managed to find a lovely place at which to have lunch. Strangely (or possibly not), it was at a little place that we pass every time we do our main supermarket shop, just outside of Saint Lizier, but that we had not previously explored. It turned out to be one of the best meals we have had here, outside on a relatively peaceful 'terrasse' in the shade. My lobster and prawn salad was simply divine and the blackcurrant, raspberry and lime sorbet for dessert was just outstanding. Andy's more duck orientated salad also hit the spot so that is a restaurant to which we will be returning in due course.

The new terrasse is coming into its own as we are spending more and more time out here (I am writing on my laptop on the terrasse this evening) enjoying the open view and beautiful weather. It has transformed our notion of 'outdoor living' here and is truely a fantastic addition not only to the house but to Pissou in general. To end this evening's post, I would like to share this evening's amazing and colourful sunset with you - beautiful, n'est-ce pas?

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