Saturday, 22 August 2009

Projet 'rez de chaussée' update

After renovating two floors of the house (which has included complete rewires), you would think we would be used to the previous owners' electrickery by now. But no, sometimes people surpass even their already low standards. Perhaps they are trying to claim fame with a Darwin Award. Either way, Andy was somewhat pissed off today to discover the reason for the various small electrical shocks he has been receiving and also the strange readings from the multimeter and electrical screwdriver throughout the house. Ater testing each individual circuit in the house and detecting no individual problems, he reckoned the problem could possibly, maybe be this...?!
To cut a long story short, the connections from the fuse box to earth was the worst bodge job ever, leaving the house electrics in a dangerous state. Loosely wrapping the earth wires around the earth rod with a piece of tape is unforgiveable and the work of a complete amateur who had no idea of the consequences of his actions. Thankfully we were able to identify the problem and put it right by fitting a new earth rod and correctly attaching the earth cable to it - hardly rocket science but clearly beyond the capabilities of some folk. But at least the house is safe once again and our conscience will be clear when we come to sell on the house in due course.

So, after all those fun and games this morning, we cracked on with the ceiling plasterboards this afternoon and also erected the membrane on one wall and then the batons onto which the wall plasterboards will be attached. We will soon be impatient for the plasterboards to be delivered so that we can complete the job

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