Saturday, 20 November 2010

Before the snow comes

There is a vicious rumour that the arrival of Winter may be imminent in these parts. I am holding Méteo France responsible. Overnight and tomorrow morning, they are forecasting the first dump of snow of the winter. Quite how much we should expect is anybody's guess - the forecasters always get it wrong, so there's no point them even having a stab! I took this picture at lunchtime today during our roadie ride and the approach of the big black snow-bearing front is unmistakable.So yes, anyway, having seen the forecast and with the added lure of sun and blue skies this morning, we jumped on the roadies and had a quick blast around the Lac de Montbel..... which was nice. 57km/550+/2h24m - full stats on the usual site. The first drops of rain caught us literally as we arrived back in the village and a steady rain is now falling. We couldn't have timed it better.

Yesterday, we did a walk/run up through the Gorges de la Frau to Comus on the Plateau de Sault, which is only some 5kms in distance but a height gain of 460m, the majority of which is in the first 1.5kms! At the end of the gorge, a good, very runnable track leads up to Comus. The light was flat and dull, so these photos are a tad washed out
The run back down the track was fun and the exploration leads us to believe that it would make an excellent snow-shoe outing this winter. Once up at Comus, there are so many possibilities for extending the circuit too, so fun times ahead.


PigletinFrance said...

Hello!! We have snow forecast where we're looking to buy this week too... it'll be interesting to see how much comes and when. As you say, the forecasters always get it wrong!

penny said...

What altitude you are going to be buying at, Piglet? You'll be getting winter tyres & snow chains before you know it ;-) Looking forward to reading your updates re the house - how exciting!