Wednesday, 10 November 2010


....or, to give it its proper Spanish name, Dulce de Membrillo, is known as quince paste to us British folk. And, oh my Lord, it is lush! I picked up some cheap, 'straight from the tree' quinces in Lavelanet the other day, specifically with quince paste in mind. It is a simple recipe but I could really have done with the sieve with the roller bit (passoir à coulis) that we left back at Pissou rather than having to process the pulp through the sieve by hand which was truely tedious and time-consuming! And my maslin (jam pan) would also have been useful, but I managed with two pans all the same. The end result was truely delicious.

Membrillo is traditionally eaten with a slice of Manchego cheese and a glass of sherry in Spain. But I shall be eating it either spread on a chunk of fresh baguette with a morceau of Cantal Entre Deux cheese or straight from the fridge 'as is' - it is that delicious!

I still have a few quinces left and it would appear from some Google research that they go well with slow-cooked lamb. Guess what we will be having for dinner at the weekend?

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