Tuesday, 9 November 2010

Further explorations

OK, so you can hardly count yesterday's rather wet excursion up to Toulouse in the van to purchase ceiling & wall-covering carpet and floor vinyl as an 'exploration', but it was a worthwhile trip out all the same. With poor weather forecast through to the weekend, at least we will now be able to busy ourselves working on carpetting Sadie in preparation for fixing some of the units back at Pissou next week.

But today, we woke up to a sunny morning. In view of the forecast for the coming few days, I couldn't bare to not make the most of it. I wanted to explore up above the Plateau de Sault before the snows come. I've biked up there a few times now but have never explored beyond Belcaire, even though the little ski station of Camurac is only a few kilometers up the road. So that is where we headed today, although snow has yet to visit this pretty area which is at 1200m alt. We parked at Camurac and headed up the hill above the village from where we could see the next weather front pushing in over the distant mountains. How much time did we have?!A mixture of walking and jogging took us up a good track and then down through woods which opened out onto the wonderfully named Pla du Boum. The name is somewhat ironic in view of the wild situation, because 'boum' is French slang for party! But it was a spectacularly beautiful spot all the same
We meandered up to the Col du Boum before dropping down to the little village of Comus which is on the Cathar Trail and also on the Trans-Ariege mountain bike route that I was looking at doing in October. The weather was closing in rapidly.Pic de Saint Barthelemy in the distance was wearing a snowy coat after the wet, cold weather of the past 2 days We arrived back at the car in Camurac after 10kms/1 hr 40m of walking and gentle running, just as the first drops of rain were starting to fall. Good timing. It will be interesting to see how my legs/itbs feel in the morning, as I had some pain following our outing up above Montsegur the other day. I was very wary and restrained today, not wanting any more discomfort, but all feels good this evening so I am hoping that my programme of remedial stretching is working.

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