Thursday, 25 November 2010

Low season/winter taper

Tapering is what every *cough* serious cyclist does in the winter. Drop the mileage, drop the intensity, do 'maintenance' rides.... that sort of thing. So, of course, that is why we cracked out a 92km/860m+ circuit yesterday. I blame Kev. He chose the route. But, give him his due, he didn't know that we were planning on cycling the additional 17kms to Laroque to rendezvous with him, Pat and Céd. It was actually a very enjoyable ride at the end of which my legs protested with a tired ache but no accompanying pain, which is good. We took in much of the circuit that we did with the club a couple of weeks ago but in reverse.The weather was clear but decidedly nippy, with a noticeable temperature drop just as we were riding the 12kms home. We timed it well, yet again, with the first drops of raining falling as we arrived home. Still no snow though, although I believe that may change over the next 48 hours. Maybe. Stats for the ride on the usual site.

Today, I took the pooch for a run/walk along the Voie Verte from La Bastide de Sérou which I walked on Tuesday. I covered around 11kms, alternating running & walking. And again, no pain! I do believe I may be making progress.

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