Monday, 13 December 2010

Lazy weekends

Our outing on Friday took more out of the both of us than we appreciated at the time and energy levels were very low this weekend. Consequently, on the exercise front, we did diddly squat.... which, despite the gloriously warm weather, was actually rather nice! Well, I say that, but I did take the pooch out for his constitutionals which probably accounted for 5 or 6 miles over the weekend.

It was a clear night last night and this morning, when I took the pooch for his morning doings, nature was glistening in all its glory thanks to Jack Frost's icey touch
This afternoon, the doggins accompanied me on a 12km run from the house, with a steep climb up onto the ridge behind and along excellent forest paths and tracks back down to Belesta, along the river and home. Unfortunately, my hamstrings started complaining as I ran the last few kms back alongside the river, so I alternated running and walking to try and stretch them out. It was a cracking little route though and one that will be much more fun as winter conditions arrive. Stats on the usual site

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