Wednesday, 8 December 2010

Christmas thoughts

Time is flying at the moment. Far too quickly for my liking. Christmas is nearly here. I am not ready! I am so not ready. Ideas for presents are lacking, thoughts of Christmas decorations/what to eat/how to celebrate are non-existent. So today, I made a conscious decision to Do Something About It! Result? Pressies for a few more people now sorted, wrapping paper bought and cars ready to write. Now, I need a bolt of divine inspiration for presents for the remaining 2 people, but I'm getting there. Now, has anybody got any fantastic tips for 'getting into the Christmas spirit'??!

Otherwise, the past couple of days have been all about vehicles, which has been a mixture of satisfaction and frustration. The frustration is due to the insane ongoing saga of trying to get Sadie's documentation sorted so that we can finally get her registered in France. We made the 2 1/2 hr round trip to Carcassonne yesterday in order to get the Mercedes garage's written confirmation that the lights and speedometer do indeed conform to French road regulations. 5 mins in the workshop, I thought, they will see that they have been changed... I mean, it's obvious! Plus, she has passed the French equivalent of the UK MOT which she could only have done if the lights had been changed. Logical, non? NO! This is France! I need to see the invoice for the lights that you bought, Madame. The invoice?! Yes, Madame, the invoice. I cannot give you the certificate that you need without seeing the invoice. But can't you switch on the lights and see that they are pointing in the correct direction? Non, Madame, I must see the invoice. Oh for feck's sake!! Of course we didn't have the invoice with us, so we will have to make the trip again sometime soon, when we can face it. Gah!

On a brighter note, I collected the Rav from the little local garage here this evening. The very amenable chappy has done a fantastic job on the underseal which should protect the car for some years to come. He also serviced her & replaced all the filters and she is running so much better ... and he didn't cost the earth! Hurrah!

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