Sunday, 19 December 2010


Friday evening saw our first proper snowfall here - it was a stunning wintery scene that greeted me as I opened the curtain to the back of the house on Saturday morning!and the pooch's little mooch was snow-tastic!
Up the valley from Fougax, Montsegur in the distance was perched on its frosty rock
What a gloriously bright crisp day it was. We donned our Inov8 Mudclaw trail shoes in the afternoon and headed up the path through the Gorge de la Frau which was decidedly slippy in parts thanks to the light covering of snow on rocks, stones and branches At the top, we took the track to the right instead of heading up to Comus straight ahead. I had no idea where it went, but was pleasantly surprised to see a high peak appearing ahead of usA quick check of the map when we got home showed that it was Pic de Soularac and the ridgeline heading up to the right just in front of us would lead us to Pic de la Frau. With an earlier start it would make a cracking outing in either winter or snow-free conditions. Excellent!

Today, we had to head back to Pissou in the van to fill up with wood - we were literally down to our last few logs, so supplies were at critical level here. We had to don snow chains for the lane to Pissou but otherwise the van managed admirably in the conditions. We have managed to bring back all but a small pile of wood which will be our 'emergency supply', but hopefully we have enough now to see us through the rest if the winter here.

The forecast this week is for milder but sunny weather through to Thursday so I am looking forward to getting out and 'doing stuff' before the Christmas weekend!

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