Sunday, 5 December 2010

More local history gubbins

I was out for a mooch with the pooch this afternoon when I spotted this, abandoned in a field by the riverWhat vehicle could it have been? WW2? Who drove it? Fot what purpose? Just the cab remains. The imagination goes into overdrive, n'est-ce pas?

More history further down the lane at Camp Redon near Lesparrou. Alongside the river, there is a water channel and a series of sluice gates and weirs. For what purpose? Manufacturing, surely, but what?Research this evening shows that the village of Campredon was a centre for the production of horn products from the early 18th to 19th century. The machinery was surely water-powered at that time and local horn was undoubtedly used to produce combs and other horn products. Today, a single manufacturer remains in Campredon. They import their horn from Africa and South America. Their tools and equipment are generally electrically powered. Progress?

Yesterday, a walk from Comus to Prades up on the Plateau de SaultThere was surprisingly little snow up there at 1200m. The warmth of the sun ensured that southerly and sun-exposed terrain received the full 'melt' factor. It was however still below freezing in the shade. It was a nice little 6km walk, punctuated by a very welcome hot chocolate/coffee at the very amenable restaurant/cafe in Prades where the dog was made to feel especially welcome! We must return for a lunch appointment sometime soon.

Temperatures are set to rise dramatically this coming week, reaching the high teens by Wednesday. More bike action is in order, I feel!

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