Thursday, 6 January 2011

Missing energy

Although I had a great run on Sunday it actually took more out of me than I realised. I felt tired and washed out on Monday and Tuesday and had to confine any exercise to taking the pooch for a couple of short walks. Yesterday, Pat invited me to join her, Kev and Ced for a roadie ride. Recently, when riding with Pat, it has been a fairly leisurely affair, so I was looking forward to a relaxed stretch of the legs and to reaquainting myself with my road bike which hasn't seen any action for a few weeks.

I could tell within the first 15 minutes that my energy was still lacking. It all felt too much like hard work! The fact that Pat was on fire and riding like a demon just exacerbated my feeling of patheticness. Still, I made it round the 65km circuit in 2 hr 39 min which was not a bad pace, looking at past rides. Stats on the usual site.

I arrived home and collapsed in a heap, fighting the almost overwhelming desire to close my eyes and sleep. But I got some dinner inside me which helped to restore my faultering system. Needless to say, I slept like a log.

Today, a lovely leisurely 10km walk with the pooch
On the final few kilometers which took me along one of the ridges of the 'Plantaurel', there were lovely views back down to Lavelanet
and to Pic de Saint Barthelemy in the distance
The final little descent was a veritable slippery mudfest that almost saw me bottom sliding down the steep path! But some strategically placed saplings saved the day. All in all, a nice circuit that it would be nice to run one day soon.

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