Saturday, 15 January 2011

Oh, what to wear!

Following out little outing on Monday, the weather turned and midweek was dark, wet, grey - very 'UK-like' - bleurgh. Indoor passtimes again prevailed and apathy threatened to take hold. But come Thursday, the blue skies had pushed the clouds away and a kick up the backside was needed to break the apathy. There are still some paths and tracks in our immediate area that I have not yet explored so I made up what proved to be a cracking little 10km circuit from the house. I was feeling strong and managed to run at a good pace along the final track home without discomfort. Full stats on the usual site.

Then on Friday we hopped onto the roadies for a good-paced 63km/570m+ circuit from the house. It was forecast to be even sunnier. But how chilly would it be whilst riding along? What would the ambient temperature be? There is nothing worse than being too cold on the bike, so we opted for winter tights, a windproof jacket and full-fingered gloves. I very quickly regretted that decision as we headed up out of Belesta to the Col de la Babourade. I was baking! It felt like summer in the warm sun. Not what I had expected at all - I would have been better off in my 3/4 length less insulating pants! But we pushed on, enjoying the quiet roads and made good time, returning home in a little over 2 1/2 hours. Again, my energy levels were good and everything was working well. Full stats again on the usual site. However, my Altura winter tights are henceforth relegated to the 'only in emergencies' cupboard as they are constantly moving when I ride and leave me pretty uncomfortable which is not what you need on a decent ride! I am hoping that the DHB winter tights that I have just ordered, combined with my Charge Ladle saddle will solve all my discomfort problems and enable me to ride for much longer distances in future.

Today, the warmth has continued and temperatures have been up into the high teens - very spring-like. Tomorrow, more of the same. Lovely!

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