Thursday, 24 March 2011


It was a beautifully warm and sunny afternoon this afternoon. About time I had a decent run. The race was 2 weeks ago and I have done far too little since then. So I headed up to the Plateau de Sault but only decided to have a re-match with the Trail du Pays de Sault circuit rather than do another run once I was actually up there. It was a good one...although it didn't feel like it at the time! Maybe I was pushing myself harder than I appreciated? I am pretty bad at judging these things, I have to admit. It didn't help that the dog appeared to be struggling for some reason. But I love the Plateau de Sault, It is only 15-20 mins up the road and has some wonderful views

I got round the 15km/230m+ circuit in 1h32m which was a good 6 mins faster than the last time I did it :-) If I had taken on board some fuel and hadn't been running with the pooch, I would have come in under 1h30m. Next time. Stats on the usual site.

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