Sunday, 6 March 2011

Touching base

Well, the weather continued to be dire until Friday when we were at last allowed some respite (thanks Mr Sun). But during the week, the grey, damp and cold successfully extinguished any flickering inclination that I may have had for a long run - a mudbath really didn't appeal for some reason. But Andy and I did manage to encourage each other in the direction of some hill intervals up the road on Wednesday which is not something that you tackle without some encouragement and cajoling, I can tell you! Although such exertions are never pleasurable, it was a useful little session which should result in stronger legs & lungs in due course.

Friday, we had a trip back up to the house to collect pretty much the last of our wood supply and to meet the bloke who was going to update the 'diagnostiques' which are required for any house sale in France. But when he phoned for directions it quickly became apparent that he was in completely the wrong place & over an hour away!! The appointment had to be cancelled and is now rescheduled for Monday pm. Bloody annoying!

By Saturday, the area had been rain free for a few days and the paths & tracks were starting to dry out. I needed to get in one last long run before a week of pre-race (relative) rest. But I wasn't sure how I was feeling and whether I had a long run in my legs, as it were. Regardless, I planned a good 18km circuit and Andy & I set out after lunch. It turned out to be another cracker - I am always filled with self-doubt and unsure of my own abilities when it comes to long runs, but I really should have more faith in myself these days. I managed the ascents easily and thoughly enjoyed the rest of the running which was mainly on the tracks and paths of the Foret de Belesta. 18km/700m+/2 hrs 17m - I was pleased with that! Full stats on the usual site. Although my legs were naturally tired after such an outing, the run has given me an element of confidence for the race next Saturday. There may be 400m more of ascent to do, but I know I can do it and it would be nice to do it well. There are 11 other women in my age group. I hope to thrash the lot of 'em!

Today has been a guilt-free, lazy, self-indulgent day, basking in the wonderfully warm sunshine and doing sod-all. It has been good!

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Pedalling Polarcherry said...

Wow that's some distance n hills. Well done x