Friday, 18 March 2011

Sadie update

Well, the weather has been rubbish this week and I have been giving the old rickety legs some time out after their exertions last weekend, so what better excuse to give Sadie more of our undivided attention. We (or do I mean I?) had been dreading doing the ceiling carpet in the main part of the van, as it was a large section of carpet that I thought would be very tricky to manouevre and apply. But I needn't have worried as it went on like a dream and wrinkle free! We could then put in the ceiling spot lights and 'sandwich' the ceiling vents. What a difference!
We can now crack on with the individual sections of carpet for the walls and bed boxes. Today, we also cut the 10cm thick foam which will form the seats and bed. I bought some lovely fabric for the covers the other day, so it is all quite exciting really!

We are promised more spring-like weather next week and I am really looking forward to some more running if the tracks and trails dry out a bit. I have got another two trail races planned, apart from the 20km Trail des Citadelles on 24 April which I have already entered. The Trail du Pays de Sault is one that I did 2 years ago and I am having a rematch this year on the 12 June, although I believe the course may be slightly different, with more ascent this year. Then in early July, I will be cranking it up and doing the 25km Kilian's Classik trail race in Font Romeu. I am quite looking forward to that!

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