Tuesday, 22 March 2011

Spring, bikes and Sadie

Winter's dull slumber is slowly but surely being replaced by Spring's vibrant awakenings. It was particularly noticeable yesterday whilst we were out riding the bikes. I would catch intoxicating scents on the breeze which would break my focus on my wheels. Ah yes, the magnolias are in full bloom. Then we'd pass a garden with deliciously scented hyacinths along its border. Now there really is no other scent like that of hyacinths in the springtime. And the blossom, oh, the blossom! The trees are awash with froths of pink and white.
and the depressing brown and greys of the darker months are starting to give way to that oh so fresh-out-of-the-wrapper lush green that heralds brighter days. Wonderful!
Back at home, the seeds that I sowed at the end of February have germinated and are growing strongly.....chilli peppers, capsicum and tomato along with some kuri squash. What a great time of year!
The re-appearance of the sun yesterday tempted us back out onto the roadies. I haven't had a decent ride for over a month as running has rather taken over, but the lure of a lunch stop in Mirepoix was enough to seal the deal. To my surprise, I felt remarkably strong and kept a good pace on the undulating roads through to Mirepoix where we enjoyed a delicious nicoise salad for lunch
Towards the end of the homebound leg, a creeping weariness reminded my that this was my first 80+km ride for some while. Apart from some familiar discomfort in the saddle area and an occasional twinge from the knee, it had been a lovely ride. Full stats on the usual site. Good weather is forecast through to the weekend so we are planning to get in another ride and hopefully a long run while it lasts.

Work continues unabated on Sadie. The list of jobs completed is growing by the day. The kitchen area is coming along rapidly

Note the curvey panel that separates the kitchen from the sitting/sleeping area? Amazing what can be achieved with the right tools! Progress is fast now. Must crack on with those cushion covers!

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