Monday, 1 August 2011

Another week

How time flies! It's August already - how did that happen! But thank goodness the weather has returned to more seasonal temperatures and that golden orb in the sky is well and truely back. It was simply dire until the middle of last week, but I did manage to grab a nice little 10km run up on the Plateau de Sault along the Cathare Trail on Wednesday during a brief interlude. I think this photo sums up quite nicely the kind of skies that have dominated recently!
Then on Friday I hopped on the mountain bike for a wonderfully fast 35km circuit from the house, using as many tracks and trails as possible but avoiding the excessively muddy sections that make riding unnecessarily hard work. I pushed hard all the way round and felt well-worked when I arrived back home after under 2 hours in the saddle. Full stats on the usual site. I love my mountain bike. Hopefully more riding in the course of this week.

The past two days have been spent making the locker and cupboard doors (all 20 of them!) for Sadie and doing many little jobs that have been on the list too. Having locker doors will make such a difference in the van as everything will obviously be securely stowed away rather than flying out when we go round a corner too fast! We need to acquire another 3 push button knobs but otherwise they are done. Don't they look great?

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