Friday, 19 August 2011

Craving cool

It's only natural, when the temperature climbs into the high 30s. The heat can be suffocating and I am a dripping, sticky, uncomfortable mess when I return from walking the dog. My normal route initially takes me past  the fenced swimming pool of the house behind the church. Today, as usual, the water was that terribly tempting sparkling blue that just screams 'jump in, jump in!' Oh the temptation! Then, I pass through the 'place de l'abreuvoir' with its bubbling fountain and basin where passing animals pause to quench their thirst in the cool water before heading on their way. I can't help but dip in my arms, savouring the instant cooling effect that it provides. Then, down the track, where even the shade doesn't offer any respite from the heavy heat. But, I know I will be passing 'The Oasis' which is quite simply a short, shaded section of path beneath which a little stream flows. I know I am nearly upon it when the air temperature suddenly feels noticeably cooler. Yes, much cooler. I have to linger, just for a moment, relishing the relief that it brings. But it is short-lived as I have to move on, back into the sun, which suddenly feels hotter than ever. A cold shower back at home awaits!

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