Sunday, 14 August 2011

Bikey bikey

Andy and I enjoyed our first roadie ride for what seems like ages on Wednesday last week. We had perfect conditions, clear blue skies, just hot enough without being too hot (mid 20s), perfectly still and generally quiet roads. It was a cracker! We went from Fougax, up to Roquefixade and then through to Foix on the top road (one of my favourite roads to ride) pretty...

.... and then back via the Herm Valley, Col de Py and Laroque d'Olmes. I fuelled well and felt like the old legs were answering my requests... the 88km/1100m+ circuit took us 3h30m which was not bad riding.

On Thursday, Pat and I met up for another mountain bike outing, this time a bit more local, starting from the Lac de Montbel. Pat's rear disc break seized up on our ride last week, so her bike was at the doctors but fortunately she was able to borrow one from her mate Craig who runs a bike hire business from the lake. It was a little bit different to her own bike and made for more cautious riding than normal. That plus the fact that we had both put in some mileage on the road bikes the day before and so had tired legs resulted in us cutting short the proposed 48km circuit. But it was a cracker all the same, with wonderfully dry tracks and paths and stunning views as always

I managed to do an 'endo' on the last descent, catching a deep rut as I took the wrong line, which could have been nasty. But fortunately the only thing that got broken was my Garmin! All in all, a fun outing of 32kms in hot weather which was to be followed by a couple of days of doing not a lot. Well, I deserved it!

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