Thursday, 18 August 2011

Hotting up

This past week has seen the temperatures return to more seasonal norms, peaking at 33 degrees yesterday and due to climb to 35 at the weekend. It's about time we had a summer! But the higher temperatures do make any activity much harder work and indeed quite draining. The pooch and I joined Pat on Sunday for a 13km walk/run from St-Julien-de-Gras-Capou (what a fantastic name, don't you think!) near La Bastide de Serou which was great fun. It was the first time that we had been out together on two legs as opposed to two wheels for ages, as she has been trying to work out a problematic knee injury which only causes pain when running. But she managed some 8kms on the wonderfully dry tracks and paths before having to resort back to a walk which is some improvement. I ran as many of the uphill sections that I could and felt strong which was a great feeling. It was generally a lovely outing with my bezzy mate and the pooch enjoyed it too.

On Monday, Andy and I took advantage of a slightly more overcast day to do a 13km/570m+ run from the house. Although it was overcast, the humidity was stifling and I don't think I have ever sweated so much on a run! It was quite draining but the legs were working well. A cold shower when I got back quickly brought my temperature back down!

I spent most of Tuesday trying to sort out a new ADSL contract with Orange for when we return to Pissou at the end of the month and it was after 3.30 before we were finally able to hop onto the roadies for a bit of a spin. It maybe wasn't the best idea as my heart wasn't really in it, my knee started giving me problems and other bits and pieces were also very uncomfortable. It was a very undulating circuit of only 64kms with 700m+ ascent but I was well cooked when we arrived back. I was grateful for the temperatures into the 30s yesterday which I used as an excuse to have a rest day, to stay inside and to get some work done.

Back onto the mountain bike today with my new Garmin Forerunner 305 attached (hurrah!) in more overcast but very humid conditions. We had a cracking 27km/500m+ blast from the house which saw me riding uphill sections and technical downhill bits that I got off for on previous attempts! Great stuff! Although I did spoil it by taking another tumble (a sticking up root was to blame this time!) which has given me a very bruised and painful lower leg. But again, nothing broken!

On a side note, you wouldn't believe it was peak holiday season down here. Each time I have been out I have been amazed at how few people and cars we encounter on the paths, tracks and roads that are off the beaten track. It's great!

Oh, and apologies for the lack of photos but it's all been very hazy with flat light this week.

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