Wednesday, 20 August 2008

At last!!

Now then, avid readers of this here blog will know how frustrated we have been in our search for the elusive chanterelle. Despite many forays up and down the woodland opposite Pissou we have never found a single chanterelle - not even a whisper of one. Incredibly disappointing when our neighbour from up the hill, Josette, comes back with baskets full of the fungus. Well, today we visited a different location (I can't possibly tell you where!) and very quickly we started spotting these little orange beauties trying to hide from us beneath bilberry bushes and poking out from layers of dead leaves. The delicate vanilla/apricot scent was unmistakeable. Fantastic! This time we would not go home empty-handed!Andy put together a scrummy omelette using the smaller chanterelles this evening and we have saved the larger ones for a dish tomorrow. As soon as we get a warm, dry spell we will be heading back to our secret spot to harvest what could be a bumper crop.

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