Sunday, 24 August 2008

Window renovation

The state of the windows here at Pissou has been of concern to me for some while. They are in a sorry state with paint peeling and old putty falling away. With winter approaching, we need to get them restored sooner rather than later. Today, blue skies greeted us, so off came the 2 bedroom windows. The panes of glass were carefully removed although one broke in the process - they are old and the glass is incredibly fragile. I then used the heat gun to strip off the awful old gloss paint, beneath which I discovered some old blue lead paint, which the previous owners had chosen to paint over. A quick sand down was followed by a prime... and then top coat. Unfortunately, the linseed oil based putty that we bought some while ago is now a lump of goo that we need to replace. The panes are held in place by glazier's nails, so a trip to St G is required for more putty, new panes (one of the bathroom panes is also broken) and various other bits.

This evening, we had another meander back to the chanterelle spot that we discovered the other day. We quickly stumbled across a couple of really good patches of the shroom which we harvested with glee! We also have a lead on a good cep location which we must follow up.

On other wild matters, there are elderberries and pears aplenty around Pissou at the moment. The idea of some home-brewing is taking shape ... perry or elderberry wine anybody?! I think it is going to be a good autumn this year.

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