Monday, 11 August 2008


I arrived home early this morning after a week back in Blighty. What a week. What an expensive week! I have ended up having a new kitchen fitted in our house in Sheffield following a leak (lead to copper joints in accessible places are asking for trouble!) ....... but fortunately the kitchen was 13 years old and starting to look a bit tired and a portion of the expense of a new one will be covered by insurance, so it's not all bad. But by 'eck, what a frantic 24 hrs I had in Sheffield sorting it out!

Fortunately I made it down to mum's in Dorset for bedtime on her Birthday on Tuesday and she was chuffed to bits :-)

It was good to get out for a run/walk with family on the SW Coastal Path between Studland and Swanage while I was in Dorset. My brother was excited to see a multi million pound Sunseeker powerboat make its way out of Poole Harbour.....
.. was it Justin Timberlake's new toy or was it being tested for the new Bond Movie? Either way, it was a powerful black machine and impressive to watch as it's prow lifted out of the water!

Great to see my laddy enjoying his management responsibilities during the blueberry harvest and to see my sister and various nephews and niece not to mention my mum and bro during my stay. Plans to catch up with friends in the Peak District didn't materialise as everbody was away on their jollies or otherwise unavailable, which was a shame. It may be a while before I am back in the UK, so time to settle back down at Pissou now and think about preparing for the winter... which means some chainsaw action... yay!!!!!! Woo-hoo! Can't wait!!

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