Monday, 18 August 2008


Following yesterday's chainsaw exertions, we now have a couple of decent piles of dead, seasoned wood ready to bring back to Pissou. In order to make space for it, we spent a few hours today logging the wood that has been stored behind the house since earlier in the year. It is now wonderfully dry and ready for burning and was therefore destined for the woodshed which is currently empty. It may have been 30 degrees today, but in these parts we could be needing the warmth of the woodburner tomorrow, so time to get prepared! It was also another opportunity for me to use my chainsaw which I thoroughly enjoyed! Andy also split several other large logs that we had also stored a few months ago so by the time we had finished, I had wheelbarrowed a fair pile of logs to the woodshed.... which I then got neatly stacked away ready for use :-)

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